Nursery Management


 Nursery Management

Nursery Management
Nursery Management

A nursery is a place where rooting of planting materials or germination of seeds can be obtained in a better way, under favourable growing conditions. In a nursery, seeds germinate effectively and seedlings give better stand in field. The period required for germination and establishment of seedlings can be easily utilised in a nursery and skipped in the preparation of land or harvest of previous crop in the field. This results in early growing of the crop. Flowering crops are mostly raised by seeds, cuttings, layer and grafting. In vegetatively propagated crops, root stocks are raised by seeds, or cutting. All these require care and can be grown well in a nursery under supervision.

A nursery may be established for a short term on a required site so that all planting requirements are at hand. This is called a ‘temporary nursery’, which is target-oriented for a particular project. Commercial nurseries are raised with a target of selling planting material with high profit margin. Such nurseries are individual establishments where quality planting material is prepared. A nursery requires almost all necessary farming inputs. An ideal nursery should have quality rooting media, skilled labour and specialised nursery structures. It involves preparation of land for planting and its maintenance, fertility and productivity, maintenance of mother plants, requirement of various farming and specialised nursery tools, equipment and their maintenance, crop protection measures, etc.

Session 1: Nursery and its Importance 

Session 2: Growing Media and Nursery Bed Preparation

Session 3: Seed Sowing and Planting Material

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